OLGY morning training (2016-03-09)
Kategori: Träning
Karta/område: Finsjön
Arrangör: OLGY
Land: Sverige
Distans: 7,74
Sträcka: 8 km
Tid: 61:54
Time: 01.01.55
5-15 cm snow pretty much everywhere. That was one tough morning training. Went easy but got pretty tired towards the end. Had a hard time deciding on whether to go straight or around. Especially the steep parts where bad going straight (mainly due to snow). Fun training anyways. Descent flow.
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Fanboi: Looks cool! Hopefully you will #BeatOldGuys this year.
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OLGY morning training (2016-03-09) OLGY morning training (2016-03-09)