Sprint i förbjudna staden (2019-09-04)
Kategori: Träning
Karta/område: Beijing
Land: Beijing
Distans: Sprint
Sträcka: 6.56 km
Tid: 48:22
The discipline make-your-own-map-and-run-a-sprint-while-traveling is one of my favourite disciplines in orienteering. The setting was amazing. Cudos to Kuai Xiang and his follower for making a great setting for a sprint run.Some pictures can be seen at https://www.strava.com/activities/2679181997
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Stefan: I'll update the map with some things I saw when running, and then upload a new improved version if you want to reuse it.
Stefan: Ah, and yes - the route choice 2 - 3 was intentionally long. Could not resist getting up on the walls of the city and run past the whole place and watch from above.
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Sprint i förbjudna staden (2019-09-04) Sprint i förbjudna staden (2019-09-04)